Monday, April 27, 2015

Digital Day Assignment Part 2

Digital Day Part 2

  • Post your assignment under the comment section of this or the previous post.
  • Create an account and use your first name, last initial, and period as your user name. EX: Currie, B, P5

Digital Learning Day

Hi Honors Biology Students. Here is your assignment for Digital Learning Day. 

  • Make a post on this blog. Use your first name, last name initial, and period so I can give you a grade.
  • Post needs to cover something we have learned about this year in class.
  • Post can't be the same subject as any other previous posts.
  • Post needs to be 190-210 words.
  • Don't just have one big paragraph.
  • Explain what your subject is and what you know about it from class.
  • Research the subject and add information beyond what we learned in class.
  • How does this information impact your life?
  • List one thing you learned from another post on this blog.